Dress Attire



Leotards must be worn for all classes. Plain black for Preschool– Int. 3 classes. Solid color for all Advanced levels. Please be sure to wear a leotard under any shirts worn in class.


Tights must be worn for all classes except acro.


Tap & Jazz-Light Suntan


Studio logo shirts and recital T’s are the only acceptable shirts for class. Shirts may only be worn for jazz and tap classes. Please do not wear them oversized.


Ballet-Pink leather or canvas (Int 2 and higher-split sole shoes)

Jazz-Capezio Caramel E-Series Slip On (Style #EJ2)

Hip Hop-Street sneakers or combat boots

Lyrical-Nude foot “undies” or barefoot

Tap-(Preschool-Int 1)-Black patent leather tyette shoes

(Int 2-Advanced)-Black Capezio Hard Sole Shoes (w/laces)

Skirts and Pants

Ballet skirts, ballet shorts, and tight dance shorts can be worn for all classes (other shorts such as Soffee shorts may not be worn) BLACK tight pants and capris can be worn for tap and jazz classes only (Int. 1– Advanced)

Hair & Jewelry

Hair must be worn up. If your hair is long enough to touch your shoulders it should be worn in a bun, braid, or ponytail. Bangs must be pinned back and out of eyes. Buns are required for all Advanced Ballet levels. If hair is past middle of back a bun should be worn to all classes. You will be asked to restrain hair if you enter class and do not follow these guide lines. No dangling earrings, necklaces, or bracelets should be worn.